by Earth Program

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"It’s been said that everyone’s a critic, but admittedly there isn’t too much to criticize about the Earth Program’s debut album, “Invade!”
Fresh off the presses from “Obbityville”, the self-released album creates an experience not unlike sitting down as a kid and going through your parents’ record collection. Little stylistic bits jump out at you right away: acoustic arpeggios from Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Eno’s iconoclastic usage of audio samplings, late Beatles’-styled
psychedelic vocals, and all of it blended together in a melting pot with various incarnations of the pop-punk milieu." - LoudLoopPress

"Earth Program's first album INVADE! was almost my album of the year. It's so well done and so well thought out it seems like it was made by a much older band who has been experimenting for years. It's great to know that there's good smart odd rockers still out there ready to take over the mantle bands like Oingo Boingo or the Talking Heads dropped back in the 80s. Earth Program is not only a shining light for Chicago music, but music in general." - After Hours

"After only a few minutes into the album I feel as though I'm floating...
This is a rare and special find." - Perfect Avocado

"...I mean, just listen to "Eat Your Makeup," ok?
EP is pop enough to be bearable and strange enough to keep things interesting. Sounds like a fine time to be 20ish in Chicago." - 3hive

"INVADE! demonstrates that you can make a good album that is a lot of fun." - The Dadada

"A welcome relief after all the drivel that comes out of the radio otherwise." - Loyola Phoenix


released January 29, 2010

Christopher Mondo - vocals/guitar/instruments
Matt Rogoski - bass/synth/vocals
Jen Larson - guitar/vocals
Johnny Skwirut - drums/percussion

additional musicians:

Ira of the Future - cello on *SpookHouse
Eli Wing - percussion on *Pink Pit of Abomination
Jared Voss - guitar/bass on *the Mind & the Matter
Mike Roche - percussion on *Stay Tuned

all music performed by Earth Program
all songs written by: chris kee
*except 'crabs spill sand' written by: Matt Rogoski

© 2010 Eternal Anthymns Ltd.


all rights reserved



Tastee Records Chicago, Illinois

cult sounds
from the

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Track Name: the Mind & the Matter
the eyes cannot tell her
the eyes cannot tell her
run baby run
we ached for miles
cleaned out her old lungs
air dried them in the sun
run bad boy run
we play too hard
clean out her old lungs
air dried them in sun
her love baby run
we played too hard
we love her old lungs
and i appreciate the radiance
radiantly catch her name
am i an appreciative lover
horrible me
horrible him
forever amen
forever soil aged perfume
forever again
as the year learns the notes
my mind
and the matter
tell her
the eyes cannot sell her
the ears cannot sell her
run bad boy run
we prayed too hard
cleaned out her old lungs
and i appreciate the radiance
radiantly yesterday
and i appreciate lovers
horrible me
horrible you
forever them
forever soil aged perfume
forever again
as the year grows to dust

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